PML-N information secretary Marriyum Aurangzeb on Thursday called upon Prime Minister Imran Khan to leave after the CCTV camera film of “law-masters breaking into Maryam Nawaz’s lodging and disregarding her protection” was disclosed. 

Ms Aurangzeb said in an announcement: “This recording is an undeniable confirmation of Imran’s shamelessness, lawlessness and political vengeance… This is Imran’s actual horrendous face which has no respect for the regard and nobility of moms, girls and sisters of the country… The protection of a lady was disregarded without even any capture warrant for her. Imran ought to be embarrassed about himself and must leave.” 

The previous information serve said PML-N and the Pakistan Democratic Movement would not rest until each one of those answerable for this shallow and illicit act were reprimanded. 

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She said the country had the right to know the purposes for this oppressive hooliganism and the interruption into protection infringing upon the constitution. 

She requested that the names of each one of those noticeable in the recording be unveiled. 

Prior, PML-N pioneer and previous head administrator Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said establishments, for example, the Inter-Services Intelligence and Pakistan Rangers took orders from the PM and thus the obligation of the entire occurrence fell on Prime Minister Imran Khan. 

Marriyum solicits Imran to leave after delivery from CCTV film of hotel raid; ministers blasting resistance for making complain on the issue 

“This is the truth behind this incident [and] this is the truth that the nation’s chief provided the request to abuse protection,” Mr Abbasi said at a news meeting in Islamabad. 

He said he had anticipated that the courts should take suo motu notice of the incident.


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