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PM’s Earthquake Relief Fund: Cabinet warns against cyber threats

In spite of the advances in technology, there are also some drawbacks associated with them. There is no doubt that it has made the lives of people much more comfortable and sophisticated. As well as this, however, there is also a threat that cybercrime will be able to take advantage of it. A Cyber Security Warning advisory issued by the Cabinet Division in regards to the PM Turkey Earthquake Relief Fund has been released in this regard.

How are the Phishing Attacks Being Manuevered on PM’s Earthquake Relief fund?

There have been reports that cybercriminals are sending emails containing phony letters/memorandums requesting the withdrawal of two days’ pay from federal government workers to be credited to the Prime Minister’s contribution to flood relief that has been occurring in Turkey and Syria.

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Additionally, according to the advisory, cybercriminals are using these phony messages and websites as a means of tricking government officials and military personnel into disclosing private or financial information to whom they are not supposed to. In addition to that,  these phishing emails contain malicious code that enables unauthorized access to your device or network and exposes your device or network to cyber-attacks as well.

The Cabinet Division has responded in the following manner:

As a precaution, the cabinet division has instructed government agencies and officers to monitor emails that have similar subject lines and not to read them unless they are personally verified by the sender. According to the cabinet division, enterprises have also been advised to block the following C&C website from their backend/firewall in order to avoid any dangers: hxxps:/finance.webserviceandsupportsection.com so as to avoid any risks.

There has been a distribution of copies of the advice by the cabinet division to all secretaries of the federal government ministries and divisions, as well as chief secretaries of provincial governments, including the Secretary to the Prime Minister, the Secretary to the President, and the Secretary of the Cabinet division.

According to the cabinet division, the department heads have been tasked with notifying all affected organizations and linked departments, as well as taking the necessary precautions to ensure that the information is widely distributed.

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