The Pocophone F1 has some nice add one features

In a recent turn of events, the Twitter handle of Poco India has revealed that the highly regarded Pocophone F1 is not only certified splash resistant, but also supports Qualcomm Quick charge 4.0. And while these features are all great, it’s a bit weird to see that Xiaomi is letting us know about the features almost after three weeks the phone was announced.

While the news that the phone is splash resistant didn’t actually shock many, the news that the phone supports Quick charge 4.0 is actually surprising to be honest. I mean, after all, the phone’s official listing on the Xiaomi website only goes on to mention that the phone supports Quick charge 3.0. Not only this, but the charger that comes with the phone too supports the older standard. So this has taken some by a bit of confusion.

Nevertheless, those who plan on to get their hands on the phone will be more than happy with these announcements because they make all the reasons more to buy the phone in the first place. Qualcomm says that its latest tech is around fifteen percent faster than the previous version we’ve seen. So if you manage to get your hands on the latest charger that goes on to support the latest tech, then it could make all the difference in the world with regards to the time it requires to charge your phone.

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Don’t take the news that the phone is splash resistant for granted though. The certification comes from P2i, a company that goes on to use a nano-coating process in order to provide water resistance. And while it is probably true that the phone won’t survive a long drop in water, it by all means will be able to handle your every-day spills.

While these features are great, they won’t take the spotlight away from the amazing features that the phone provides otherwise, and that too in a great price. Some of these great features include a Snapdragon 845 chipset, and 6 or 8 gigs of RAM. Impressive, no? However, these extra features come for those that were perhaps worried that the phone wouldn’t actually offer much beside its obvious speed and great power.

Also, in other news, head of product at Poco global, Jai Mani has also confirmed that the Face unlock functionality that the phone possesses will go on to be offered worldwide, as many were worried that the feature would be available in phones present in India only. The tweet by Jai Mani stated that the users of Pocophone F1 in India have already been able to use the feature, and the plan is to enable the features for all users, sooner rather than later.

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