The Pocophone F1 represents value for money in the best possible manner. The phone has all the features you’d expect from a standard flagship phone, at half the price. And while it’s all and well for Xiaomi, the company is looking out for the users too, as it continues to the solicitation of feedback via forums, while delivering new features too.

And if you think that isn’t enough, just consider the fact that in the recent turn of events, the product head of Pocophone – Jai Mani has just confirmed that the phone is subject to an Android Q update soon. And while we’ve seen many manufacturers committing to the trend, it’s still quite refreshing to see third-party Android manufacturers committing to such updates in their attempt to give the users the best possible experience. As far as the question follows as to exactly when the phone will get the update, since the recent Android updates have been released in recent times, it’s expected that the Pocophone will receive the stable Android Q update in the next months to follow.

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Also, another interesting point to note is that since Mani stated that the phone will get the Android Pie and the Android Q update, he went on to attach the word “at least” with his statement. So this could actually mean that we might even see the Android R update on the budget friendly device that’s got everyone questioning the price they paid for their smartphone.

Like I stated above, Xiaomi has in a succession continued to respond to feedback, and it seems this isn’t going to change anytime soon. The Chinese brand is continuing its trend of updating the users of the particular phone on various issues, and feedback requests. Amongst the most recent posts found on the official forum, we can actually see that the phone will indeed be receiving the dark mode for app drawer, 4K/60fps recording in the camera app, HD support for Netflix, as well as “Okay Google” capabilities. The company also went on to state that it is working on resolving some of the issues that have arisen with regards to gaming apps, which include the likes of the Asphalt games, and also PUBG mobile.


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