Pokemon Go, the game that went popular within seconds after it’s release is secretly
collecting crucial data from your phone.Millions of users are playing this game
globally.The game is available to be downloaded for free with no adds..meaning
something fishy must be there.Here’s all the data being collected from your phone.
● Google account (iOS users only)
● Device info: Your device’s operating system,IP address plus user settings!
● Location: . Using the phone’s GPS is essential to playing Pokemon Go.By that
you’re actually trading your complete location data to the game’s developers.
● Search history: The last web page you wisted.
● Account Info: Your email address or the email address associated with your
Google / Facebook account
Pokemon GO has the right to share this information with the company and other
parties,under it’s legal agreement. So be a little careful the next time you open this game.


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