Apologies to Rihanna, but people can’t stop downloading Pokémon go girl!

Since the start of the launch in July, Pokémon now has hit a record of 75 million records worldwide!

Being availablefor both the android and the iOS users, the app market states the greatest downloads for the game in history!  It has been only 19 days for the game to release and the game hits a turning point of 50 million downloads, which is much faster the another casual puzzler game, the color switch

Pokémon Go hits the developer Supercell’s head-to-head strategy game Clash Royale to 10 million downloads. And nowit’s time for, developer Niantic’s pocket-monster.

Pokémon Go has already blown by 2016’s other big launches, including Supercell’sClash Royale, in the race to 50 million worldwide downloads,” Sensor Tower head of mobile insights Randy Nelson wrote in a blog post. .

Despite launching four months earlier, Clash Royale is still working its way towards this 50-million-download milestone — but to its credit, so are most other mobile games at this point in their lifespans.”

King’s most recent Candy Crush spin-off,Candy Crush Jelly Saga, surpassed 50 million installs after just over three months, but even it did so with the help of copious mobile, web, and real world advertising,” writes Nelson. “For most mobile games and apps, even reaching 10 million downloads is a marathon, but Pokémon Go made that and 50 million in a sprint. As it rolls out in additional regions over the coming weeks, the size of the markets will get smaller, but it will no doubt still hit the ground running. It may not be unreasonable for the game to pass 100 million downloads in its first 60 days, especially if some of the planned gameplay updateshit sooner rather than later.”


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