Police Arrests People Destroying The Buddha Statue In Mardan

Police In Mardan

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police on Saturday captured four men for breaking an antiquated Buddha sculpture discovered during development work in the territory’s Takhtbhai region of Mardan. 

Prior today, recordings surfaced via web-based networking media indicating a man breaking with a mallet an actual existence measured sculpture of Buddha, portions of which were as yet inserted underground. Other men can be seen looking on as the sculpture is being demolished while a few people were making recordings. 

Dr Abdul Samad, KP chief archaic exploration and historical centers, named the annihilation of the sculpture a “wrongdoing” and said “disregarding any religion is heinous”. 

KP police later tweeted that the suspects had been followed and captured while bits of the messed up sculpture were additionally recouped. As per the police, those captured incorporate Qamar Zaman, Amjad, Aleem and Suleman. 

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A first data report (FIR) has been enrolled against them under the Antiquities Act 2016, as indicated by authorities. Dr Samad communicated thankfulness on the police’s “immediate activity” in capturing the suspects. 

Police Arrests People Destroying The Buddha Statue In Mardan
Police Arrests People Destroying The Buddha Statue In Mardan

The chief said that the sculpture had a place with the Gandhara civilisation and was around 1,700 years of age. He included that the police had cordoned off the territory.

This all was a result of the viral video that saw men destroying the statue after identifying it to be that of Buddha. Since the preservation of such artifacts is extremely important, the video was then viewed by the KPK police and the people in the video were arrested.


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