In a significant forward leap in the Motorway rape case, the police have recognized both the hoodlums purportedly associated with the deplorable wrongdoing through DNA profile coordinating and cell phone following, Inspector General of Police (IGP) of Punjab Inam Ghani said on Saturday. 

Tending to a joint news gathering with Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar, Law Minister Basharat Raja and Information Minister Fayyazul Hassan Chohan, Ghani unveiled that all confirmations gathered from the wrongdoing scene and fundamental investigation had demonstrated police towards guilty party Abid Ali. 

Ghani uncovered that the fundamental offender in the assault case, Abid Ali, of Fort Abbas, was additionally engaged with a comparable case enrolled in 2013. He included that the police followed his cell phone calls history, which drove them to his associate, Waqarul Hassan. 

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However, other than the fundamental guilty party’s name and an old FIR, the police had no data about the lawbreakers except for by utilizing logical investigation strategies and present day innovation accessible with the police and other law-authorization offices the police accumulated all the related data with respect to Abid by Friday night. 

The Punjab police boss said that four versatile SIM cards had been enlisted for the sake of Abid Ali during various occasions however every one of them had been shut. In any case, through his versatile call records police had come to realize another number that was utilized during the criminal demonstration. 

“It likewise helped the police to distinguish his buddy, Waqarul Hassan, an occupant of Ali Town, area Sheikhupura,” Ghani said. “Through cell phone area, we have affirmed that the two guilty parties are in a town close Qila Sattar Shah, locale Sheikhupura.” 

He said that a police party in civilian clothes and private vehicles attacked the area around 12 early afternoon yet they had fled from the area. “At this moment, around 28 groups of Punjab police, Special Branch, Counter Terrorism Department and different organizations are attempting to capture the crooks,” he included. 

Promising that the both the offenders would be put in jail soon, Ghani said that the police investigation was left well enough alone with the exception of from the central pastor, the law serve and the extra boss secretary home. 

The IGP uncovered that seven criminal bodies of evidence were at that point enrolled against Abid Ali, while his associate, Waqar, was delivered on bail only a fortnight back. Both the guilty parties had past criminal record and police were near them. 

He spoke to the residents to share data about their whereabouts on Police Emergency Helpline 15 however prompted the majority to abstain from abusing the helpline administration.


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