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Take and post 3D Selfies on Facebook Using Sony’s “3D Creator” App

Take and post 3D Selfies on Facebook Using Sony’s “3D Creator” App. In a recent move, Sony has launched a new update for its 3D Creator App which was launched last year. Now, it allow the users more control over the photos captured in 3D. This latest released update to its 3D Creator App offers some new tools and functions in it.

Now you can snap 3D selfies and post them directly to Facebook, moreover you can even print them in 3D. The latest Creator App lets you take selfies in more detail and allow you create Apple’s Animoji styled animated characters and avatars. For now, the update has been rolled out for a selected device as of now.

Now, you don’t need help of another person to create a 3D-model of your face and head unlike with the previous version.

Xperia XZ Premium, XZ1, XZ1 Compact can get benefit from this update.

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On the other side, the recently launched XZ2, XZ2 Compact and XZ2 Premium already have the latest version of the app.

Here is the official video below which demonstrates this process along with some of the new features added with the latest update. It’s important to mention here that while the video’s title mentions 3D Creator version 2.0, currently the app’s version in the Play Store is shown as 1.0.A.2.18 instead.

The ability to capture fast 3D selfies can be further improved with 4K textures through post-scan cloud processing. In addition, users can now choose a ‘full-color plastic’ material option when taking a 3D print. Interestingly, in selective markets, consumers will also have the option of ordering 3D models engraved in a crystal sheet.

How to use it?

Well, the process of capturing 3D selfies is quite simple and resembles panoramic or 360-degree photography. In order to recreate subjects in polygonal form, the app’s viewfinder gives users the direction in which to move their handsets in 3D space.

The features offered by latest update

  • Take 3D selfies
  • Share your model on social media.
  • 3D prints your models.
  • Connect outside apps to 3D Creator App.
  • Addition of AR (Augmented Reality) effects
  • Allow to put the 3D models as Wallpaper
  • With the help of morph and other tools, render and edit the model
  • Option to back up the models online

If you own one of the abovementioned devices then you can download the app from this link to enjoy 3D selfies and don’t forget to share it with your friends on Facebook.

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