The passport of every country holds a great value, as the value of citizens mostly depends upon the value of the passport of their country. Well, according the new ranking, Japan has topped the list of valuable passport as right now Japan has the most powerful passport on the planet.

It means some passports offer more freedom than others, and victoriously Japan steals the thunder. A new report published in October showed that how many borders some travel documents can cross.

The latest report is prepared by global citizenship and residence advisory firm Henley & Partners Citizens, Japan now has the most powerful passport on the planet.

According to the Henley Passport Index report, due to the visa-free access to Myanmar earlier this month, Japanese citizens can now enjoy visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to a whopping 190 destinations around the world. Well, that’s great news for Japanese.

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On the other hand, Singapore takes 2nd position in the list with 189 destinations. Germany, which had the top spot in 2018, is now in third place with 188 destinations. It is important to mention here that 3rd place has taken by 3 countries. Apart from Germany France and South Korea also hold 3rd place in the list of most powerful passports.

Moreover, Uzbekistan lifted visa requirements for French nationals on October 5. Although it has already granted visa-free access to Japanese and Singaporean citizens in early February.

According to Japanese government, its passport’s strong position is proof of the effective national security regulations implementation by the government.

A Foreign Ministry official in charge of issuing passports told The Japan Times “It means (Japan) has been enjoying international reliability. Economic power may be contributing to this but we believe Japan may owe this position to its strong national security.”

The ranking decides how many countries the holder can enter either without a visa or be issued one upon entry. The index of reports is updated in real-time, as and when visa-policy changes come into effect, according to law firm.


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