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Preliminary Exams Begin for Huawei Middle East Competition 2022-23 in Pakistan

Huawei has completed registrations for the Huawei Middle East ICT Competitions 2022-23. This is the 7th time the event is happening in Pakistan. Through the Competition, the company aims to provide students with a platform to compete and exchange ideas in order to enhance their ICT knowledge, practical and application skills. Over 12 thousand students registered themselves for the competition and 30+ roadshows were conducted onsite to spread awareness among the students about the ICT Competition 2022-23.

The competition is also a platform that facilitates connections between international talent as well as the collaboration between governmental organizations, higher educational institutions, training agencies, and enterprises, thus promoting the education, growth, and employment of ICT talent. National competitiveness will be increased through developing ICT talent in Pakistan. Connectivity with the industrial development will be focused upon. This will direct the students to perceive employer’s perspective by developing their ICT knowledge.

Throughout the Huawei ICT Competition stages, contestants receive the latest updates on emerging technologies that are reshaping Pakistan’s digital economy. These include Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Datacom, and most importantly Security. The competition is a unique opportunity for students to test their abilities in these cutting-edge fields, and helps colleges and universities to better understand the talent requirements of today’s top businesses.

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Roadshows and awareness sessions have been conducted at 80+ colleges and universities all around Pakistan and the competition is during the preliminary exam stage. The competition covers an array of courses like Datacom, Security, WLAN, 5G, Cloud, storage and AI, to name a few. The winners of the regional competition will win 20,000 USD, a Huawei certification, internship opportunities and the Huawei Matebook.


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