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Here we present Google for online shopping in Pakistan – Shopsy

The global e-Commerce marketplace is one of the most swiftly proliferating ones. Pakistan is getting in velocity with the rest of the world with escalating e-commerce stores, public’s rising inclination towards online shopping, and e-commerce gurus like Alibaba taking concern in investing in Pakistan. Shopsy is here renowned Pakistani online shopping portal.

Last year’s Black Friday Sale brought local e-commerce stores massive revenue of over PKR 1 billion while latest contributor also gets benefit from a constructive number of orders. It is expected that the range of the local e-Commerce industry will rise over $600 million by the finish of 2017.

There are diverse positive aspects causative to Pakistan’s massive e-commerce growth. People are associated with the Internet nowadays more than ever. In the next two years, Pakistan’s Internet saturation is expected to touch 56 million. This adds to the increasing interest among people in shopping online and the growing product delivery process is making it easier for people to reliance online stores. Needless to say that e-commerce is flourishing and there is a portion of the pie up for grabs for innovative and fresh names as well.

On the other hand, Pakistan’s e-commerce industry still has a long way to go before it would be capable of affording a wholesome shopping experience to potential customers. One of the problems people face while shopping online in Pakistan is the lack of alternatives offered at one place. A majority of the people is not aware of the numerous online stores in Pakistan and for this reason, often found it complicated to find exactly what they are looking for in their price series. This is a problem Shopsy is demanding to solve.

Visualize that you want to buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, how many online stores would you have to seek out before probably landing on the product you truly want. Wouldn’t it be a grand relief if all versions of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge available on online stores were demonstrated in one place? Here enters Shopsy, a ‘Google for online shopping’, co-founded by Usama Arjumand, who upon arriving in Pakistan after 10 years in the UK apprehend the lack of product variety in the local e-commerce site. He then paired up with his co-founders Akhter and Saad – collectively they are three individuals with a various amalgamation of the field who are aspiring to revolutionize how Pakistani people shop online. The startup is trying to bank on the need of brand loyalty amongst Pakistani shoppers who are always on the chase for the paramount deal.

Simply put, Shopsy presents consumers with a variety of versions of a product they’re looking for accessible on several online stores in Pakistan. At the backend, the website is fundamentally web crawlers which scrape data from Shopsy’s associate sites and put on a show to the user related search results. A customer can explore a product, adjust the price range, judge against and contrast products and then be bound for to the genuine online store which sells the product they selected for.


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