Samsung top most priority these days Foldable Phone. Samsung has endured a tough time over the course of the last few years. The company has at times gone into a lossand has reported sluggish sale numbers. The galaxy note 7 was a complete disaster, as many customers complained about the phone’s battery exploding. The s8 brought a great design out by Samsung, and overall, a very good smartphone.

However, the s9 was not very successful, especially when you compare the sale numbers with the s8. Do not get me wrong, the s9 is a great phone, however, since it released a year after the Galaxy s8, there came about only some minor tweaks in the phone. The phone was notvery special when compared to the s8, and hence, customers thought best to stick with their previous s8 model.

Now, Samsung is looking ahead to the future. In a previous article, I stated the case for Samsung investing in different parts of the market, such as biopharmaceuticals, chipsets and other types of technologies. Now, Samsung is ready to enhance its horizons further. As confirmed by the company’s mobile boss, Samsung nowlooks to focus on innovations for a foldable smartphone.

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While many people were expecting next year’s s10 to be the company’s first 5G phone, Samsung’s mobile boss confirmed in another statement made that the s10 would not be the firm’s first 5G phone. However, he did give some good news for Samsung fans, as he stated that another model will come, and indeed that will be the company’s first 5G phone.

Samsung electronics has reaffirmed its desire to be the first vendor ever to launch a foldable smartphone. It has been no secret that Samsung has been in the market for finding technologies that pose for a foldable smartphone, and with the latest news, Samsung is on the same path again.

It was back in 2016 when Samsung officials first showed interest in the idea of a phone, which could fold in half back. However, the model has since been in development, with a commercial launch in mind.

Samsung, in January of this year, said that it was looking for the launch in 2018. Nevertheless, there are delays in the process, and the device continues to be postponed until 2019. The company decided on further postponing the device, as it wants to release the device only when it is ready.

And with such news in mind, all of Samsung’s competitors, including the likes of Apple, LG, and Huawei are looking to come infield, and launch foldable phones of their own, and according to some reports, Huawei might actually win the race, as it looks to launch the world’s first foldable phone.


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