Private schools not paying teachers their pays, even though they are collecting fees from parents


The Coronavirus has undoubtedly created a lot of problems for the people of Pakistan and to put pain to misery, people are taking advantage of this critical situation, be it selling masks at hefty prices, increasing the prices of sanitizers or in this case the not paying teachers their pays. Private schools all across Pakistan have refused to pay salaries of the month, April to teachers despite collecting hefty fees from the parent parties.

Take for example, Headstart School System, Islamabad,who have informed there employees that the organization is unable to disburse salaries for April on the pretense that the parents have declined to submit the outstanding fees. Due to this reason,the organization have been forced to seek out a loan from the State Bank to pay salaries to its employees.

It is also worth noting here that the federal government allowed the private school association to keep the campuses open for the first 5 days of each month for fee collection until the lockdown is ended by the government, however, considering the severity of the situation it seems that compliance between both parties is yet to be pro efficient.

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On the opposite end, teachers at Headstart School System have been teaching children online just like any other school during the lockdown. Headstart’s management has also been forcing the teachers to visit the campuses for various assignments despite the ongoing lockdown and the need to stay at home, yet when it comes to the salaries, Headstart have really let down their faculty.

A teacher at Headstart School said in regards to the exploitation from the educational platform that, “The owner will surely defend this by telling you one story or another. But the fact is that in Ramadan with Eid ahead, the school management despite collecting fees from parents is neither paying wages to the teachers nor bearing their electricity bills, gas bills, and other expenditures”.


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