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How to promote a modest-fashion startup through social media

How to promote a modest-fashion startup through social media. Malaysia’s biggest social media star and a business woman Vivy Yusof has set her eyes to bring her eCommerce venture FashionValet to the middle east after building a thriving business in Southeast Asia.

After getting successful in her business related tl fashion, she unveils the secrets of a successful fashion startup and tells the new comers to follow her on the ways to success.

What she advices her juniors is to:

Create good visuals

She advices to simply take a good photo, as she don’t like brands who just do it haphazardly by taking a photo and uploading it. She want the pictures on a nice hangar with good lighting used that is everything. She also says not to take photos at night. The most important thing about good photos is good gadgets so be careful about equipment too.

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Create a voice

Vivy says that a brand should come with a voice and examplifies her second venture which is a lifestyle clothing brand called dUCk saying that her Products are fronted by an ambassador called D. So, in case you look on Instagram, everything is from a character that is called D’s voice. There is a caption always ‘signed off’ by ” D. People relate to that; they feel like they’re talking to a person, so I think that personal touch is important” she says.

Stay engaged

Vivy emphasises on engagement a lot and says that importance of responding to comments and direct messages (DMs) is more than ever thought. She opines that if you are posting more videos, you are getting featured more, so,  If you reply to DMs and comments, you are flagged as an active account and get shown more on the Explore page.

Plan your feed

Vivy wants a colour-coordinated and planned way of posting content and she cares a lot about the looks of feed as first impressions are  important, and you can not take them back, so making it sure that your feed is organised in a nice colour palette and looks neat is much more important.

Remain Consistent

Staying dedicated and consistent in what you do is the important thing to get ahead. In case you post once a week and don’t respond to comments, you will be counted as passive host and will not be able to go ahead with no visitors of your posts.

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