Instagram has become one of today’s most popular social networking applications among Internet users. The reason behind this popularity is that it allows people to share pictures and videos easily without having to copy-paste their contacts’ names. So how does one ensure that their Instagram account is kept safe from all dangers? In this article, outline some of the top 15 tips that help you maintain your Instagram account safe:

Create a strong password that cannot be guessed by anyone else. Passwords have to be strong and never change since people can easily find out your password by using the search engine. Once you’ve come up with a good password, make sure that it’s different from the password you use on other websites and accounts. Choose a long, complex and unique password, which you’ve set before using it anywhere else on the Internet.

Set up a second password so that if someone finds out your primary password, they will not be able to login to your account. This way, even if someone uses the same password on another account, they won’t be able to access your photos on Instagram. So the stronger your password is, the more secured your account is.

If you’re using your mobile phone or tablet for the purpose of logging into Instagram, you’ll need to make use of a unique password. You can use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols, which are commonly used on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. But there is a catch: these passwords cannot be typed into an online form or on the mobile device itself. If a hacker gets a hold of your username, photo gallery or private information, he will be unable to get access to the private information.

Use a PIN or a passcode to log into your Instagram account from a mobile phone or tablet. A PIN is a series of numbers that your device will use to unlock your account whenever you want to log in. When you’re logged into your account, you can simply enter the PIN to gain access to the private information and pictures on your account. This ensures that no one else can gain access to your photos. and personal information, especially when you’re not online and the risk of someone hacking into your account is high.

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Never share photos or videos with anyone online. Never give away any of your photos or videos to anyone you don’t know. If you think a person you know is interested in seeing your photos or videos, just don’t share them with him or her.

Your photos and videos should only be shared with those you trust. Don’t give your personal information out to anyone else; especially if they ask you for it. There are many different ways to verify who the person is before allowing them to take a look at your content or photographs. Also, you should never share your email address with anyone, because this can lead to a lot of unwanted surprises in the future, especially when you receive spam messages.

Keep your privacy and safety in mind, because it’s your information and safety that you’re putting on the line. Keep in mind that the person who manages your Instagram account may know everything about you and what you are doing online, so take the necessary precautions to prevent them from gaining access to any private or personal information.

You also need to take advantage of any security measures your website or site has in place. The most popular means is to install a lock or password on your account, to prevent people from getting in. There are several different lock types, such as one-step lock and two-step lock.

Some online accounts also have a form to add a photo or a video to your profile, so if someone tries to find your profile, you can provide proof of that fact by adding a picture or video. to show that you own the photos or videos on your account. Some people choose to make their account private when they aren’t online, so only trusted friends can get in, but others won’t have access to the content posted by other users.

The best way to learn how to protect your online profile is to read all the privacy and safety policies that are posted on the Instagram website. Always ensure that you know what your options are, and that you have them open. You might even want to try the free trial of the Instagram app so that you can see what it has to offer and see how it works.


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