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PS5 Finally Gets Discord Voice Chat Integration in the Latest Update Alongside Other Features

It has become increasingly attractive for many people to play games on the Sony PlayStation 5 as a way to relax and unwind. Despite the fact that the PlayStation 4 offers great performance, its native PlayStation Party communication app has left much to be desired for multiplayer gamers who rely on the console to connect with each other.

PS5 Finally Gets Discord Voice Chat Integration in the Latest Update Alongside Other Features

Thankfully, Sony has now released an update that will include the Discord voice chat integration into the PS5 console as well as a number of other new features. There is a range of new features being added to the PS5 as part of this update, such as being able to join voice chats, send messages, share memes, and gain access to various servers and communities that are being added.

There is perhaps no more exciting feature than the ability for PlayStation 5 players to use voice chat with their PC friends when they are playing cross-platform games with other PS5 players. Additionally, Discord has implemented a voice chat card system, which is similar to an inbuilt invite system, which allows for easy joining in on games. Users are also able to view which of their friends are online at any given time and are currently playing a game through the Friends Who Play tile. Moreover, gamers have the option to share their screen or request a screen share from a friend’s profile, which gives them the possibility to stream and watch games live with their friends.

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The most recent update to the PS5 also brings with it a number of other features, including VRR support for 1440p when playing games that support VRR, in addition to that. For gamers to take advantage of this feature, they will need a display that is able to support VRR and HDMI 2.1.

There is also a new feature that has been added to the update that allows you to filter games in your library when you are adding them to a game list that you have created. The PS VR2 and PS VR2 games can be easily found with the help of this feature. As an added feature, gamers can now set up their preferences to select who they wish to be able to invite to multiplayer sessions.

The PS4 to PS5 data migration process has also been improved in the update, making the process much more seamless and easier. After installing a PS4 game on PS5, players will be notified that their saved data is available on the PSN cloud storage, which will allow them to download their saved data with ease when they have installed the game. In addition, it is now possible to transfer data between two PS5 consoles simply by using a local Wi-Fi network or a LAN cable which can be easily connected to the PS5.

Lastly, users in the UK and the US will be able to use the “Hey PlayStation, let’s capture that!” voice command to begin game capture in the PS5, bringing another convenient feature to the PS5 experience. It is estimated that this update will greatly improve the functionality and ease of use of the PS5 console in general.


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