Japanese brand Sony has of course been known to release updated versions of its flagship console in the Sony Playstation. These updated versions are usually smaller as well as lighter than the original version of the console – courtesy of improvements to the design. Of course, both the Ps3 as well as the Ps4 are good examples of this – as both of them to be slimmer models which are thinner in comparison to the original. And now the brand has proceeded on to announce a new version of the Playstation 5 – with the newer version coming with a slight change in design and also being lighter than the original console.

The new Ps5 has indeed made its way to Australia – in accordance with the Australian gaming site in Press start. The new console will make way with model number: CF1-1102A and is reported to be 300 grams lighter when compared with the original that went on sale last year.

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There happens to be no info with respect to how the reduction in weight was achieved. Unlike the one that ships with the original model which needs a screwdriver so as to tighten it, the revised model actually comes with a plastic cap with a grip that can be tightened with your hand. This then represents a minor change.

In accordance with what a source has gone on to indicate, the new console is already available in stores in the country. It is expected also that more details will make their way about what makes it a different console all in all from the original one. The original Ps5 also of course saw a lot of problems due to Sony’s inability to meet the market demand thanks to the chip shortages that dominated the more recent times courtesy of the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s to hoping though that this newer version of the console will see a better fate than the original one.


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