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PSL fans can now catch the Matches Live in UAE with

PSL has become a household name in Pakistan having caused children, parents, and even grandparents to cluster around TV screens to support their teams and enjoy a thrilling round of cricket. The excitement, spirit, city-wars and competitive vibe of this league are infectiously viral! It forces everyone to tune-in and keep tabs on the changing score and shifting victors. UAE has become crowded with tourists who are eagerly waiting to catch each and every match.

As the initial matches end, and the tournaments enters its next league, the wave of excitement is becoming all the more apparent. PSL has brought with itself many new elements to Pakistan – The profound love for the sport has finally become animated in the form of a national league, it has given us a certain sense of ownership to all the teams, good and bad; allowing to us thoroughly enjoy the sporting event in both its highs and lows.

To help crazy PSL fans watch cricket live in Dubai and Sharjah, is taking a leading initiative. This year you can book your flights and hotels to UAE at discounted rates because is offering a number of great deals to bring down your traveling expenses to a bare minimum:

Avail a flat 10% discount for any hotel booking in UAE – Just Book your hotel in UAE through by using the coupon code PSL2017DS. This offer is valid until 3rd March 2017.

The PSL Bundle Package offers a 25% discount voucher on flight tickets on to UAE.

PSL 2017 is being celebrated grandly by every Pakistani, and to make sure that no one is left behind in the glamorous festivities has launched amazing travel deals to UAE to make traveling an affordable affair for every Pakistani!


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