PTA Blocks access to 9,846 proxies and 0.4 million porn websites. PTA proceeds with its act of blocking websites that are causing harms to Pakistan in one way or the other.  And now, after blocking 23,558 blasphemous web links and 763, 202 porn websites in February 2017, PTA claims to have blocked access of Pakistani internet users to 0.4 million porn websites.

The act of PTA for blocking websites seems to be inspired by “The Great Firewall” of China and the sites getting blocked I’m Pakistan are the proof that wellbeing of the nation is the actual cause of this act.

PTA revealed these figures in  report that got submitted to Supreme Court, yesterday. Additional Attorney General (AAG) Nayyar Rizvi took the responsibility of revealing these figures to Supreme Court.

Alongside 0.4 million porn websites, the authorities have also blocked access to 9,846 proxies in Pakistan.

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Pakistan Telecommunication Authority claims that the technical restraints are not allowing the authorities to  completely eradicate obscene material present on the Internet. But in a bid to make the internet obscenity free, PTA claims to be using alternative technical methods including different proxies so that they can cut down the  issue of obscenity.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority also says that it has established a Web Analysis Cell along the boundaries of the legal framework as well as the directions issued by the federal government.

The authority has allowed the nation to report porn websites through PTA’s helpline, toll-free number. People can also report these websites through fax, post/web, form an official email address and the cell will, in turn PTA will analyze and process the complaints.

PTA acknowledges that the authorities need to take the internet providers on board and they also need educate the masses about using the Internet in the right way.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is also working on developing an Internet Exchange Point (IXP),to help the local internet traffic to remain local so that the local content will get developed and this act will provide a good user experience.


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