PTA’s decisive move against the unlawful issuance of SIM cards, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) collaborated closely with the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) Cyber Crime Circle to execute a successful raid on a mobile phone company franchisee in Lahore. The franchisee was found to be actively involved in the illegal distribution of SIMs, prompting the seizure of four BVS devices and two laptops as evidence. Additionally, three individuals were apprehended by the FIA team during the raid.

PTA Intensifies Crackdown on Illegal Issuance of SIMs

PTA’s Stringent Operation Curbs Illegal SIM Issuance in Lahore

During the raid, 04 BVS devices and 02 Laptops were seized as evidence, and 03 persons were also apprehended on the premises by the FIA team. FIA is currently investigating the matter further. PTA had filed a complaint with FIA earlier based on information regarding the illegal issuance of SIMs by the sale channel.

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The PTA, the regulatory body for the telecommunications sector in Pakistan, is committed to safeguarding the integrity of the mobile network and ensuring that SIM cards are issued only through authorized channels. The Multi-Finger Biometric Verification System (MBVS) is a crucial tool in this endeavor, and the PTA is unwavering in its efforts to prevent its circumvention.

This recent raid exemplifies the PTA’s unwavering dedication to eradicating the illegal issuance of SIMs. The Authority remains vigilant in protecting the interests of mobile phone users and maintaining a secure and transparent telecommunications landscape in Pakistan. The ongoing investigation by the FIA is expected to shed further light on the extent of the illegal activity and bring those responsible to justice.


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