PTA DIRBS enables the doubling of legal phones


In order to increase the penetration of mobile phones brought in the country, the Federal Board of Revenue has indeed been advised to reduce the current tax slabs applicable on all categories of mobile devices. This point is greatly emphasized when you consider the fact that PTA Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) has effectively blocked the illegal nature of imports and use of mobile phones within Pakistan. In a recent statement, it was actually claimed by the PTA that doubling will now occur with regards to the import of smartphones through the legal channels.

The FBR has sought budget proposals to account for the next fiscal year and in respect to this, the telecom sector is also actively approaching to take into consideration their proposals of viable taxation across the country – amongst the other policy changes in the telecom sector. Experts across the leading telecom companies have proposed to the government that it should adopt a strategy or plan for the proper depreciation with regards to the value of mobile devices while also revising tax slabs accordingly – as is the case with imported items.

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With the Prime Minister of the country in Imran Khan’s vision in mind, the government will indeed be presented with the opportunity to increase its pool of taxes. An added benefit of this will be the reduced crime rate – since the government will actually have greater availability of data with regards to mobile devices.

Previously, it had indeed been noted that the PTA had enforced implementation of Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) on all the phones that were subject to being imported in the country. The system was brought into action so as to verify, detect and discourage the illegal and non-compliant nature of paid handsets – as well as to discourage non-tax paid handsets.

Pakistan is following a pool of other countries that have also adopted DIRBS – this including the likes of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh as well as Russia amongst others.


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