PTA has given licenses to 16 international mobile phone companies to manufacture in Pakistan

PTA has given licenses to 16 international mobile phone companies to manufacture in Pakistan
PTA has given licenses to 16 international mobile phone companies to manufacture in Pakistan

So it seems the government of Pakistan is slowly starting to move in the right direction as they have taken what seems to be a major step towards brining in some pretty decent investment in the country. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority have allowed manufacturing of high end mobile for technology in the country as the field of information & technology look to gain some ground in the overall industry. Moreover PTA have officially given license to sixteen international companies and hence have given them the green light to start manufacturing mobiles in Pakistan.

Moreover this new initiative taken by the authorities should act as a turning point for the field of information and technology and in the long term Pakistan is set to benefit a lot from this decision. In addition to the new initiative,the manufacturing of mobiles in our very own country will probably have a very a good impact as this will not only create new opportunities for the workforce of Pakistan but in addition to that this will also decrease the prices of mobile phones who have in the last year seen a very high increase. Moreover, this step should also help the overall mobile industry to grow in Pakistan.

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Moreover,a significant amount of $200.1 million has already been invested in the telecom industry from the startof the month of July in 2018 to this year,till March 2019. It is worth nothing here that the  mobile sector of Pakistan has been the main inspiration for this influx of investment. Moreover,a recent economic Stat shows that the mobile sector alone has invested approximately $158.3 million during the first two quarters of the fiscal year which lasted between 2018-2019.

Moreover the increase in cellular network customers is also one of the main reasons for this investment as Pakistan is a country which has over the years seen an increase in the amount of network subscribers. According to a recent Stat it has been found that in between July 2018 to 2019, the number of mobile phone network subscribers in Pakistan has reached the 159 million mark and it is revealed that,this numbers sees an annual increase of at least 8.8 million subscribers.

Moreover, the benefits of this investment can be seen as huge and to be more specific let us identify some of the benefits of having local mobile phone manufacturing in the country. One of the most oblivious one is that the prices of mobile phones will see a steady decrease, the other one is that it will create new opportunities for the unemployed but in addition to that it is worth H understanding that. Local mobile manufacturing will result in us being less dependent on foreign countries for this now mandatory need(seeing as pretty much everyone who is anyone has phone nowadays). This will also reduce foreign exchange and will increase foreign investment in Pakistan, both of which are good indicators for any economy. On top of things, local manufacturing of mobiles also help with the cause of PTA which is decrease imports of illegal mobiles.

Pakistan will also see itself establish a good repute amongst the business world if Pakistan can show these investors a good time, this will in turn help in attracting future investment in the country. The image of Pakistan will also be improved as the status of Pakistan changes to the consumer market to the producer market.Other industries such as that of software, packaging, accessories, component manufacturers and R&D may also benefit and hence decide to invest in Pakistan as well. Once again increasing foreign as well as local investment, so the signs are positive people let’s just hope everything follows through here.


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