PTA have started blocking un-verified mobile phones, initial figure of 2.8 million phones to be blocked

So the Telecom agency in Pakistan the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) have officially started to block an initial sum of 2.8 million phones which as per the new law are considered to be operated illegally. It has bene revealed by various reports that according to the stats provided by PTA, there are currently around 2.8 million smuggled or non-custom- paid smartphones in the country.Now accordingto a reliable source, the phones which have caughtthe eye of PTA will be blocked in various phases, and it is revealed that the process has been officiatedby the folks at PTA and that this process began on the 30th of April.


Furthermorethe source also said that the devices which have made their way on the block list are deviceswhich have not yet been registered and verified in accordance with the regulations of the Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) despite multiple extensions in the deadline.Now the list consists of mobile phone devices which were smuggled into the country after the second deadline was announced by PTA which occurred on the 5th January 2019 and warned the people with unverified devices that there phones will be blocked if the fail to get their phones verified by the deadline day date.

In addition to things, if you do not know what DIRBS is, then in should be understood that DIRBS is the abbreviationfor Device Verification and Blocking System and this new platform was launched by the telecom regulatory authority of Pakistan, known as Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). The system will in turn be able to block all smuggled and unregistered smartphones as well as the many feature phones in the country. Once a non-compliant handset is blocked, it cannot be used in the country again until it is registered with the DIRBS. So, if your phone is blocked, you’ll have to pay the requisite taxes to get it unblocked. Here are the steps, following which will help you get your device verified and hence legalized.

  • Go to this website:
  • Click on the ‘DRS’ tab on the top right corner.
  • Sign up with your original name, email ID and CNIC.
  • Enter Handset model & and pre-calculated tax/duty will appear on the screen.
  • Pay the tax and get your phone unblocked.

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