Verify your Mobile phone before 20th October Otherwise PTA can block your phone.

PTA kicks off another verification drive. Any smartphone device which has not been certified by the Pakistan Telecom Authority and its packing not tagged as such by the authority might not work after Saturday, October 20, 2018. Informed sources informed NETMAG that alert SMs are being sent to all subscribers to get their GSM devices verified before the same device might be disabled for any use.

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Sources also advised the general public, to refrain from buying imported devices which have not gone through the verification test and if they do that it would be at their own risk.

PTA kicks off another verification drive
PTA kicks off another verification drive

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It may be pointed out that there are a number of verification methods for the whole exercise. The user can download a PTA application available on Google Store which can authenticate or otherwise the device status, or the same can also be done by visiting the following website

The application which is available at the store after installing the software guides you towards a number of results. If the answer to your query is IMEI complaint it means the device is safe for use. If the result valid IEMI, it means the phone is okay but needs to be registered with PTA. If the answer is no for both GSMA and PTA, it means that the phone will be blocked after October 20, 2018.

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