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PTA Taxes on iPhone 15 & 15 Plus Models: A Comprehensive Guide

On September 22, 2023, Apple stores worldwide began selling the much-anticipated iPhone 15 Series variants. As technology enthusiasts rushed to get their hands on these cutting-edge devices, a critical question loomed: What are the taxes imposed by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on these new models?

The Ever-Increasing PTA Taxes

PTA Taxes on Apple iPhones and all other imported smartphones are determined by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). The tax rates have always been a point of contention, and with the iPhone 15 Series, it appears the figures have taken an upward trajectory, causing concerns among consumers.

Comparing with iPhone 14 Series

Compared to the previous iPhone 14 Series, taxes on the iPhone 15 Series have witnessed an increase, but with a catch. The hike in taxes is only applicable to the Pro Models. This begs the question: Is this tax policy fair to the average consumer?

An Appeal to the FBR

Many individuals, including us at PhoneWorld, believe that the FBR’s taxation on smartphones, especially high-end models, is exorbitant. We appeal to the authorities to reevaluate their tax rates, with a focus on differentiating between those who import mobile devices for personal use and those who do so for commercial purposes.\

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Dodging the PTA Tax

With the new tax rates in effect, consumers are exploring alternative ways to use their iPhones without registering with PTA. This growing trend of circumventing the tax system raises concerns about revenue collection for the government and compliance with regulations.

PTA Mobile Taxes Calculator

To navigate this complex tax landscape, we’ve developed a user-friendly PTA Mobile Taxes Calculator. This tool allows you to calculate the taxes on the latest smartphones, ensuring you stay informed and compliant with PTA regulations.

A Suggested Solution

We propose a reformed tax structure that limits the maximum tax on CNIC to PKR 50,000 for the most expensive smartphones imported for personal use only. This approach would strike a balance between revenue generation and consumer affordability.


In conclusion, the introduction of the iPhone 15 Series has sparked discussions not only about the cutting-edge technology it offers but also about the taxes imposed by PTA. While we appreciate the need for taxation, we believe it’s vital to strike a balance that doesn’t discourage consumers or encourage tax evasion.


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