A spokesperson revealed that the Supreme Court doesn’t have a social media account but it has several fake accounts on various social networks. The court has been notified of several fake accounts and directed authorities to remove them from social media.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), and the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, (PTA) were instructed to pursue those with fake Supreme Court accounts.

A spokesperson stated that the Supreme Court doesn’t have a social media account and all profiles bearing its name on the internet are fake.

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Fake accounts are a problem on social networks. Fake accounts can spread false information, flood their feeds with stock photos, memes and recycled images, or simply troll people. While fake accounts may not be harmful, some fake accounts can be used to make jokes, or they can spread false information. However, it is still concerning that millions of people have taken up fake identities.

Facebook, which had previously 1.7 billion fake accounts, took steps to reduce the number to 1.6 billion. Facebook removed a record number of fake accounts in the first quarter 2019. This shows how many fake profiles are out there on the internet.


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