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PTCL has been named the best cell phone operator in Asia

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has just won the award titled the Best Asian Operator at the Telecom Review Excellence Awards 2018 which were heldat the Meydan Hotel in Dubai. The President and the CEO of the company PTCL DR Daniel Ritz received this noble and prestigious award for their hard work in providing efficient internet technology in Pakistan. Winners of the awards were chosen based on the recognition and their demonstrated capabilities in the field of Cellular phone calls and the winners were picked by very experienced industry veterans.

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Moreover on such an occasion the CEO Dr. Daniel Ritz proudly stated that “ it is a great pleasure for us to be accepting such an award and I for one am proud of the PTCL’s team who has made it possible for us to be recognized as the best operator in Asia. The PTCL takes great pride for taking strategic Initiatives for building a customer service culture in the organization, along with the innovation in its network to provide an even more efficient system. Through its network Transformation Project, 100 exchanges are being upgraded all across Pakistan which will positively impact their very important customer experience”.

PTCL has been named the best cell phone operator in Asia

Finally , All in all the organization has gone through a high-end cultural transformation with renewed interest and focus placed on the core values, gender diversity, and empowerment of the employees at the workplace. To further improve the agility and performance efficiency of their technological innovations, by introducing technology such as the cloud technology which will also be introduced soon in to the well integrated systems throughout the country of Pakistan!. Now being a National company and representing Pakistan in the process, PTCL has in turn taken various Initiatives and also manages many quarterly activities in the different regions of Pakistan and hence has give the people of Pakistan something to be proud of!


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