All services of PTCL and Ufone are not working in different areas of Pakistan, visitors of NetMag are reporting.

This service flaw has been reported in different parts of Pakistan including big cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and other cities. Both companies Ufone and PTCL are facing this shut down.

There’s no confirmation yet, however, it appears that the back-haul cable is impacted, which has led to outage of services all across the country.

NetMag visitors are also effected with this break down. We are bieng reported from contacts all around the country even from distant areas like Jacobaabad, Kohat , Peshawar and Baluchistan. We are facing reduced traffic at this point.

PTCL landline, DSL, Ufone cellular services have completely vanished for users across country. Exact count of impacted users or areas is still not known. This type of shut down causes serious issues of mistrusting such services. In order to provide reliable and effective services these companies shoud update their systems.


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