After forming government in federal, the one task which PTI government is doing perfectly is cutting off unnecessary expenditures in all government departments.

As it was also mentioned in the first and memorable address to the nation by Prime Minister Imran Khan when he became PM. It seems that now that promise to minus all extra burdens on the national kitty has been impended since the new instructions have started to reach all government departments.

In this regard, ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication receives a latest circular in which the government has imposed restrictions to optimize the daily business actions by consuming fewer resources.

Finance division has issued the document that highlights “Strict Compliance“. According to this notice, there will be no dinner, lunches, and high tea during official meetings along with the use of 0.5 litre bottled water. but, it recommends making use of coffee or tea.

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Moreover, it is also mentioned in the circular to not use Air Conditioners at offices before 11 AM and after 11Am it should be run at 26 degrees. However, till 15th of September 2018, air conditioners will be turned off throughout the ministry w.e.f.

Furthermore, to minimize the use of paper, the circular gave instructions to ensure double-sided printing. Moreover, there should be minimal line spacing on note sheets and drafts during preparation of cases.

In order to bring down the expenditure on TA/DA, repair of transportation, fuel, and lighting different instructions have been given to officials .in addition, it will be the job of the office support staff to turn off the lighting fixtures after official hours.

The Prime Minister has also put a ban on  out-of-country medical treatments of all government officials to avoid the further load on the national exchequer.


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