PTI Removes Official For Derogatory Remarks Against Hindus

PTI Removes Official
PTI Removes Official For Derogatory Remarks Against Hindus

PTI has just removed their general Secretary for Lahore, Mian Akram Usman on the basis of derogatory remarks against the Hindus. The event leading to this was February 5, Kashmir Day, which was to be celebrated as a sign of solidarity with the people of Kashmir under the vicious rule of PM Modi. 

Mian Akram Usman, who was apparently in charge of posters, had derogatory remarks printed on them against Hindus. PTI took this as a sign of undermining minorities in both India and Pakistan. This was against party policy and have stripped the person of their respective title with immediate effect. 

Amusingly, the secretary accused the printer of printing such slogans. He received a huge backlash across Pakistan as people stated that while they were fighting for the rights of their brothers in Kashmir, the slogans on the posters were undermining the entire agenda of Kashmir Day

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Mian Akram, though, has issued an apology immediately:

I apologize to all peaceful Hindus living on both sides of the border. All posters were removed immediately when they came to my notice. I am not the one who is stuck on mistakes.

Regardless, The entire nation observed a day or Kashmir. There were speeches across the country by senior officials, in other countries as well, including Turkey. Unaware people were made aware of the situation in Kashmir and the supremacist ideology of PM Modi as he aims to drive Muslims out of India with His laws and regulations. He has made it straightforward that he supports the Hindu Nationalist manifesto and will go to all lengths to spread this across India. For now, Pakistan’s main concern remains the ease of restrictions that Kashmiris are under. They are deprived of basic necessities and thereafter Kashmir Day was spent in an effort to aware people of the situation and international organisations to work for it.


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