There has been a list of public holidays which are supposedly going to fall in this year of 2019 released by the Ministry of Interior. While there has been a list made where dates seem to be specified, there has indeed been a clarification by the ministry that the Muslim festivals will indeed be subject to change with accordance to the sighting of the moon. And with regards to the changing in the dates for such holidays, as separate notification will go on to be issued.

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So without further ado, let’s see what holidays are set to be offered in the year 2019 :

  • Kashmir Day – February 5 (Tuesday)
  • Pakistan Day – March 23 (Saturday)
  • Labour day – May 1 (Wednesday)
  • EidulFitr – June 5,6,7 (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday)
  • EidulAzha – August 12, 13, 14 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
  • Independence day – August 14 (Wednesday)
  • Ashura – September 9,10 (Monday, Tuesday)
  • Eid-i-MiladunNabi – November 10 (Sunday)
  • Quaid-i-Azam day – December 25 (Wednesday)

Public holidays for 2019 in Pakistan

Two dates are going on to be considered bank holidays – and these two dates will be those of 6th of May, and the first of July. While it states that these are bank holidays, the employees will indeed be reporting to work as usual, however, the bank will be shut to public.


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