In a concerted effort to combat environmental pollution in Punjab, the provincial government has joined forces with a private company to introduce electric rickshaws. The initiative was announced following a crucial meeting convened by Secretary of Transport, Ahmed Javaid Qazi, at the transport secretariat. The electric rickshaw, a product of collaboration between the Transport Department and a local private firm, has undergone successful testing and scrutiny by experts.

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Expressing optimism about the positive impact on environmental pollution, Ahmed Javaid Qazi anticipates that the introduction of these electric rickshaws will make a significant difference. Officials assert that these eco-friendly vehicles have the capability to travel up to 150 kilometers on a single charge. However, details regarding the pricing and purchase locations are currently undisclosed.

Notably, the caretaker government recently enacted amendments to the Motor Vehicles Rules of 1969. These changes confer legal recognition to the Qingqi rickshaw, paving the way for its official registration as a three-wheeler. This regulatory shift aligns with the broader goal of promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation options in the region.


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