Punjab Govt imposed Tax on Internet exempting Students

Punjab Govt imposed Tax on Internet exempting Students

The Punjab Govt. has mysteriously proclaimed the Internet Services as a taxable thing in the Budget 2017-18 aside from the Students who could be the main thrust for an IT Revolution in Punjab Province.

Despite the fact that, there was nothing specifically identified with the Telecom Sector in the Budget speech of Provincial Finance Minister Ayesha Ghaus Pasha, be that as it may, however, it’s almost surprising when you look at the details in finance which are seamlessly different. That’s how you play mysteriously?

Student Internet Packages are given exemption from the tax, do they really need it? Let’s know why they don’t?

According to the points of interest which NetMag team got not long after the Budget Speech, a picture format of the brief and concerned detail is attached beneath;

“Internet service, regardless of whether dial-up or broadband, including email administrations, Data Communication Network services (DCNS) and value added data services, valued at  Rs. 1500 precisely every month for each understudy.”

The statement recommends that any Internet bundle that is not more than Rs. 1,500 of worth will be exempted from Sales Tax. The intriguing part is that Package must be for a Student. It additionally infers that any Internet Connection or a bundle which is not intended for Students regardless of it is estimated at/under Rs. 1500 will be taxed. Furthermore, without a doubt, everything over the measuring stick will be burdened too.

That’s why we were saying that this exemption is utterly useless for Students because either they will remain under of budget of Rs. 1500 per month, which most of them usually do, or they will also have to pay the tax if they want to exceed the prescribed limit.

Punjab government had before put a 19.5% GST on the Internet which was later repudiated after a fruitful campaigning from the telecom companies. In spite of the fact that the finance bill doesn’t tell the applicable duty tax obviously, in any case, it is probably going to be what was canceled before. But we foresee it to be almost 19-20% GST.

Another 14% tax is as of now being deducted for Internet Services across Pakistan. This will take the whole duties on Internet to around 35 percent or 33% of the aggregate cost.

With this, Pakistan has turned out to be one of just couple of nations where the Internet is taxed.

An official of a Telecom Company while remarking on the decision anticipated the re-birth of different Student bundles from the telecom companies in the coming days. This might be the game changer for Govt. and they might step back from the decision. But just not foresee all things at that point.

Telecom Sector has been requesting alleviation of tax from the Federal and Provincial Governments. Although, Federal Budget decreased the WHT on a cell phone, be that as it may, it multiplied the import duty on cell phones in the current Budget.

It is intriguing to review that PTCL has been the main organization that offered Student bundles.

New taxes will be applicable from July first, 2017. Since the tax has been implemented, we may now observe many Internet Packages for Students.


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