At the moment the current education minister of the province of Punjab is Mr. Murad Raas and well he states the provincial government have decided to introduce certified courses in the field of software development, which they will acquire from the mega companies, Google and Microsoft and in turn will provide them to the students currently at the high school level education. Moreover, the honorable minister added, that he is currently in talks with both companies over the possibility of this prospect.

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Furthermore, it has been revealed that both companies will be sending there officials in to Pakistan later this year and this will be the first time they will do so. Murad Raas, further added that this decision is taken to improve the standard of education provided to students and in turn will supply them with new skills and experiences. He further added that “I have asked them that not all kids are going to go to school after tenth grade. And that is just the way it is, we cannot change that. So I said not every child has to become a plumber, not every child is going to work at a store. Why can’t we give them better skills? Because the new world is technology”. He further added that these kids should be offered such courses in the ninth and tenth grade so that they can at least work, if they do actually drop out of there schools.

Punjab Govt is looking to introduce Google and Microsoft Courses for students

These kids, let’s say even if they drop out after tenth, they will have a certification of Microsoft,” said the provincial minister. Moreover the aforementioned comments also made their way on to the social media platform known as Twitter via the official page of Pakistan Tehreek-i-insaf. The tweet basically shows the Minister making the announcement of the said courses. Now, we think that this is a great initiative taken by the provincial government, skills and extra curriculum is required by many companies in the world and we think this initiative will provide them with a suitable amount of experience to tackle there future challenges.


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