Punjab govt to lifts ban on teachers’ transfers/postings

The transfer of teachers in Punjab has always been a great issue. In this regard, a temporarily notification has been issued by the government of Punjab on withdrew a ban on postings and transfers of school teachers across the province.

According to the details, the Chief Minister of Punjab Usman Bozdar has announced to settle down the ban on teachers’ transfers until November 21.

The official document reads,

“The Chief Minister has been pleased to relax the ban on transfers/postings of the teachers for disposal of pending transfer cases already processed during April 1st to May 31st under Transfer Policy, 2013 by the representative Competent Authorities for different categories and grades in the School Education Department till 21st November 2018,”

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Here is the transfer schedule for Punjab school teachers:

Display merit listNovember 2nd
Receiving objectionsNovember to November 8
Removal Of objectionsNovember 9 to November 12
Issuance of transfer lettersNovember 15 to November 18
Appeals against transferring authorityNovember 19 to November 20

As per this notification, concerned authorities can’t approve a transfer/posting that is against the merit or does not obey with the department’s set criteria.

According to the requirements of the document, authorities have to post a merit list of all the teachers who wanted to be transferred. Moreover, the list should be posted on November 2 at the education department’s website.

On the other hand, the CM Punjab, Usman Buzdar has given a deadline of November 20 to concerned authorities to complete the process as the ban will return to the effect on the next day. It means concerned authorities have just 18 days to fulfill this order.

It is pertinent to mention here that the ban was imposed during the PML-N’s tenure in 2016 when more 50,000 teachers requested transfers and postings.

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