In a recent revelation, Ibrahim Hasan Murad, Punjab’s Caretaker Minister for Transport, shared alarming statistics regarding the government’s crackdown on smoke-emitting vehicles. This move comes in response to the escalating issue of air pollution in the region.

Statistics Revealed by Ibrahim Hasan Murad

The minister disclosed that over the past few weeks, authorities have impounded more than 1700 vehicles, imposing fines totaling Rs. 80 million. Out of the 71,000 vehicles inspected, a significant 5.6 percent were found in violation of emission regulations, emitting harmful smoke into the atmosphere.

Government’s Crackdown on Smoke-Emitting Vehicles

This crackdown is a pivotal step taken by the government to curb the rising levels of air pollution. The official data serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need to address vehicular emissions and their adverse effects on the environment.


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Actions Against Educational Institutions

Notably, the Punjab Transport Authority Enforcement Wing is extending its actions beyond individual vehicles. Private schools, colleges, and universities are also under scrutiny, facing consequences for non-compliance with emission standards.

Primary Contributors to Pollution: Motorcycles

Ibrahim Hasan Murad pointed out that motorcycles are the primary contributors to pollution. This highlights a specific focus on addressing the emission concerns related to this mode of transportation.

Treatment of Motorcyclists from the Labor Class

Interestingly, while other vehicles face impoundment, motorcyclists, primarily from the labor class, receive only fines and warnings. This approach raises questions about the socio-economic considerations influencing the penalties imposed.

Government’s Efforts: Cloud Seeding

To further combat pollution, the government has employed cloud seeding—a technique aimed at inducing rainfall. This innovative approach showcases the administration’s commitment to exploring diverse strategies to mitigate environmental issues.

Impact on Air Quality Index (AQI)

As a result of these measures, there has been a noticeable improvement in the Air Quality Index (AQI). Consequently, Punjab has decided to lift the smart lockdown imposed to tackle the smog, as announced by Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi.

Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi’s Statement

Mohsin Naqvi, in a statement on social media, affirmed that the decision to lift the smart lockdown was made after thorough consultation with experts and the Punjab environment department. This indicates a data-driven and expert-guided approach to environmental governance.


In conclusion, Punjab’s proactive stance against air pollution is commendable. The crackdown on smoke-emitting vehicles, actions against educational institutions, and innovative strategies like cloud seeding demonstrate a multifaceted approach to environmental conservation. However, the lenient treatment of motorcyclists from the labor class raises intriguing questions about the balance between environmental protection and social considerations.


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