Q Beta; one step ahead in artificial intelligence

Q Beta; one step ahead in artificial intelligence
Q Beta; one step ahead in artificial intelligence

Open source projects like Android have been ruling the mobile back end software solutions, resulting in a major market share for the operating system, whether there are Korean brands in the market, or a flurry of Chinese options for the consumer; either hi end or those going for the budget mobile ones. Q Beta one step ahead in artificial intelligence

The Q operating system, which the market techie observers regard as a progressive successor of the Pie, has a number of solutions to offer to a wide range of customers and users. However a closer look at it reveals the fact that it is the principle of Artificial Intelligence or AI, which has taken firm, roots in the android software development.

The first plus point for the Beta version is its ability to go to the desired application without going to the back or forward buttons on the welcome screens of most of the androids, which literally work like any Internet browser. Here a user can swipe through the applications without having to go back like a browser window.

Here it may be pointed out that smartphones are usually multi tasking and the inputs from various software while alerting the user simultaneously also create a situation where the concentration span or focus of the user can be challenged due that “over efficiency”. The Beta Q has the option to close down or disable those applications, which are running but are interfering with the required concentration needed for a task being done on the mobile. Towards that end the user can go for a focus mode and then do the needful, as he or she likes to.

Most of the android applications have a major challenge; that of saving the power of battery. The dark mode option in the Beta Q allows the user to save power without compromising on the performance.

As said earlier, the AI factor is visible in a number of ways in the Beta Q. The android acts like an assistant, if a map location has to be shared with someone by the user or if the physical disability of the user warrants the use of subtitles for any video. While in the recorded or uploaded videos on various video sharing websites is no big deal, a real time live streaming video can now relay in the desired language the conversation taking place in the live video. Now for a person challenged over proper hearing, he or she can get the gist of the matter without have to feel embarrassed over the disability.

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These features point out to the fact that the software behind the android phone is going to be the solution where people might one day have to make the critical decision of either buying a mobile equipped with solutions like Q Beta or a TV set or a laptop.

As per the information available, few Chinese companies like OnePlus, Vivo, Huawei as well as Finnish brand Nokia are reported to introduce that major update and overall by Google. Unsurprisingly, South Korean OEM Samsung has decided to keep its tradition of staying aloof from these programs, citing the reason that they have a wide inventory of devices for a cross section of users and they cannot afford to keep up with these early access software solutions.

It means that if you are  Samsung user, it is the time to take a painful (or painless) decision of deserting the Korean hardware, which is of quality and opting for an equally challenging better software alternative.

As for the hardware laden with these features, we might still have to wait for few months when there is  a wider choice of hardware, which is affordable and can fulfill the requirements needed to make the most of this software upgrade. Here it may be pointed out that Google’s own phones have been sold in a dismal market performance; but on the other hand they still have the cutting edge over other software solutions available in the market. They despite having a hardware disadvantage can still manage to equalize the bad with good software optimization.

Conclusively, these features may vary from brand to brand, as all the OEMs will customize the software according their respective design requirements. It will be of interest how an ambitious Pakistani market welcomes these changes; whose habit for getting to the latest has no bounds.


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