Q3 2018, the big reveals. The latest smartphone shipment numbers from Counterpoint have shown big gains in the market for Huawei and Xiaomi. Both companies were the big winners in the Q3 2018 and as per the stats provided by Counterpoint surrounding the shipment figures of smartphone companies Huawei and Xiaomi have both had significant gains, revealed by the stat. The numbers still put Samsung on top of the list and makes the Korean company number 1 in terms of market share but a 13 percent year on year decrease in shipments in Samsung and with Huawei increasing the same number by 33 percent made Huawei close the gap between rank 1 and rank 2.

The total share of Samsung’s global shipment is at 19 percent whereas Huawei stands at 13 percent not to far behind anymore. Counterpoint states that Xiaomi, which is the forth OEM on the list also saw shipments increase by 25 percent in the same year which gave Xiaomi a 9 percent share in the overall shipments. Apple as one would expect currently holds the 3rd position but saw a slight growth this year. The IPhone revenue grew by 29 percent mainly because of the average price that Apple sells its phone for which is an astonishing price of $793.

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Furthermore the company that saw the biggest significant growth was HMD who are currently the makers of Nokia phones and they saw an annual growth of 71 percent which is not surprising considering Nokia stepped in to the smartphone world just now. The list however now shows HMD to be the 9th largest smartphone manufacturer.

Finally the list showed that the top ten smartphones OEM’s accounted for 78 percent of the total market share. This leaves all other manufacturers which are reported to be over 600 battling it out for the remaining 22 percent or so. Brands which are not in the top ten include some well-known brands which Include Google, OnePlus and Razer.

Moreover Counterpoint also stated that the overall Global shipment of smartphones fell by 3 percent. No one really knows the reason for this but according to Counterpoint’s theory they have blamed it on the lack of improvements and innovation submitted by companies.


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