Qeemat App has been launched for the convenience of the people of Pakistan

Qeemat App

So in latest news it has been found that the city district government of Rawalpindi have introduced a new app called the ‘Qeemat App’ which is an E-commerce application whereby consumers in Pakistan can indulge in buying fresh vegetables and fruits at reasonable or what you say, prescribed prices by the governments in order to provide the end consumer with a peace of mind when it comes to the relative pricing of the goods. In addition to things, the shopkeepers who shall be associated with the ‘ Qeemat App ’ will provide the customers goods such as fruits and vegetables and will not charge the end consumer with any sort of delivery fee. 

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Moreover, the System Network Administrator (NSA) Qamar Nazir went on the record and told  ‘The News’ that they had received 25 orders of fresh vegetables and fruits from the Westridge and Satellite Town areas. The objective of this new innovative business is a bid to provide the people with convenience and ease all in all to help them overcome the havocs of traffic, navigating a busy vegetable and fruit market and walking around with multiple shopping bags around the market. 

Another aim of this startup is to give competition to the price makers who have controlled the markets for too long,  He stated that “we wanted to end the monopoly of profiteers and hoarders”. The consumers can also lodge a complaint against any shop/store selling substandard products or at jacked up prices. It also allows users to complain against a shopkeepers’ misbehavior.


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