Qualcomm 5G processors will cost more than there rivals processors

Qualcomm 5G processors will cost more than there rivals processors
Qualcomm 5G processors will cost more than there rivals processors

So as we are nearing the 5G era of connectivity, mobile phone manufacturers have already added to there arsenal the input of 5G technology in there devices.Many major smartphone brands have added 5G connectivity in there Flagships devices and soon we will start to see the technology in the mid-range devices as well. Mid-range smartphones will soon support 5G as Qualcomm and MediaTek are planning to introduce their mid-range lineup of 5G chipsets and many users will be waiting to buy for themselves a phone that is relatively cost effective and supports the new 5G technology.

There is a catch in Qualcomm’s case at least. Qualcomm’s chipsets, power a wide variety of Android devices, however,the major chip making company’s processors will reportedly cost more than their rivals which of course means that the upcoming future mid-range smartphones powered by Qualcomm’s 5G chips will be on the slightly expensive side, pricier than the MediaTek processors.

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This news has come from a Weibo post by a user named Digital Chat Station who leaked information on upcoming mid-range 5G chipsets. He said that Qualcomm’s SM7250 mid-range chipset will cost cell phone manufacturers about $60-$70, while the while rival company,MediaTek MT6885 chip will cost $40-$50.In addition to things it has been found that many companies which include Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Samsung etc are all testing these mid-range 5G chips for their devices right now.Moreover, Buyers can also expect 5G-capable mid-range smartphones to cost more since their processors will also come at a higher price tag. This should not come as a surprise since 5G capable flagships also cost more than their 4G variants which honestly is pretty acceptable considering the amount of change these devices which will come. Qualcomm and Mediatekhave not yet revealed the number of 5G chipsets we will see in their mid-range lineup. All we know so far is that they will arrive sometime next year. There is no word on the specifications of these chips either. We’ll keep you updated as soon as more details are revealed.


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