Qualcomm and Apple will see each other in court over a 5G dispute

Qualcomm and Apple will see each other in court over a 5G dispute
Qualcomm and Apple will see each other in court over a 5G dispute

Apple and Qualcomm have been at each others backs with a knife for some time now. The Android processor distributor has reportedly accused Apple of stealing its new 5G technology and then providing it to Intel which is another technology oriented company. Apple of course has fully denied the allegation and it seems that this case and whether who is right and who is wrong can only be decided by a higher power. Hence the federal court has finally announced a date for the trial to judge the lawsuit issued by Qualcomm. The court will hear both sides of the story on 15th of April 2019 as both sides have as yet not reached an agreement over the said issue.

Moreover the CEO of Qualcomm Mr. Steve Mollenkopfearlier in the week surprised pretty much everyone by stating that his company was on the “doorstep of a resolution” with many people thinking that Apple was the variable of the statement but all was cleared after the lawyer from Apple’s side denied that no agreement of the said case was settled and that the case is still at point zero.

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So what are both companies fighting for? Well according to Qualcomm they believe that Apple have stolen their latest 5G technology for several years now, even during the development stages(maybe designs, who knows?) and moreover Qualcomm think that Apple did this so that they could get rid of one of their fierce competitors, Qualcomm themselves fully. Allegedly, Apply stole Qualcomm’s 5G code and further on shared with Intel since it has been reported that Intel’s current 5G technology is known to be very slow. Apple on the other hand such allegations from Qualcomm were deemed by them to be “meritless” and suggested that Qualcomm had not brought up any patents during the time of negotiations and had only issued them recently. Furthermore Apple added that Qualcomm has been abusing Apple’s position as the dominant supplier by charging unreasonable fees for its components.

Here is the interesting part though, Apple has been facing the some problems in adopting to the 5G technology in comparison with jts Android competition. Leaks have already emerged and have shown that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be coming with a 5G capability and so will the Huawei and Xiaomi phones. Apple on the other hand is no where near to their release period, and is said to release its 5G capable phone, not any time sooner than at least 2020, mainly because of Intel’s quality control issue!


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