Qualcomm’s affiliation with BMW

Qualcomm logo with BMW logo

It was announced by Qualcomm Inc that German automobile giant in BMW will be utilizing the brand’s chips in its next generation of driver assistance and self driving systems.

The chipmaker happens find itself in the position of being the world’s biggest supplier of chips. With that said, it is now looking towards the prospect of diversifying its business and in that vein, has already managed to source a third of its chip sales from sources other than that of smartphones.

A spokesperson belonging to BMW recently claimed that these new chips will be integrated for its “Neue Klasse” series of cars, which are set for production from the year 2025.

As far as the kind of chips that BMW will be making use of go – there will indeed be a dedicated Qualcomm computer vision processing chip within so as to analyze data from various positions in the front, rear as well as surround-view cameras. The German giant will also be making use of a central computing chip in order to help the car communicate with cloud computing data centers.

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Unfortunately enough though, neither of the two companies for now has commented as to how much this particular deal will end up covering BMW’s lineup.

Of course Qualcomm has also been known to recently be working with firms such as the likes of Meta for the sake of virtual reality as well as with Microsoft on Windows laptops that happen to make use of Arm-based chips – as has been released by the company via an investor presentation.

The chief executive of Qualcomm in Cristiano Amon has also claimed that he believes that addressable market for his firm’s technologies is now set at a whopping $700 billion – a number which represents a figure which is seven times higher than the phone chip industry alone. 


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