So the US based major Chipset makers, Qualcomm announced last week that they will be having a product launch today and the chip-making enterprisehave officially  announced the Qualcomm QCS400 SoC series which is a new series of chipsets for smart audio devices.Furthermore, the new QCS400 brings amazing and efficient audio combined with on-device artificial intelligence which is set to provide a much improved audio experience in your house and even for some small-scale events. Moving on, the companyhave come out and stated that the new chipset will bring “better audio quality, optimal battery life, and the next generation of  voice control compared to” which is set to leave behind the previous technology. . Here  are the three prominent features of the new line of audio-oriented chipsets;:

1) Improvements in voice UI with faster response times for voice commands, better sound pickup even in noisy environments and local voice control.

2) Smarter and more immersive sound quality – support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X for a cinema-like experience.


3) Multi-channel connectivity which allows users to connect several speakers together with ample control over playback. This is combined with better performance and improved battery life.

Furthermorethe all new QCS400 series will include the QCS403 and QCS404, processors  designed specifically for smart Assistant and Smart speakers. The QC5403  is a dual-core SoC while the other variant, the QC5404 is a quad-core chipset, so basically there will be a mid level processor and a High-level processor in terms of efficiency . Finallyboth the new processors have been clocked at 1.4GHz, support Bluetooth 5.1, and the Zigbee protocol.


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