Qualcomm’s upcoming handheld game console to lack a 4G/5G modem


Just a few months ago, it had been reported that Qualcomm has a handheld console much similar to that of the Nintendo Switch in development. The source then proceeded on to mention some of the key details with respect to it – including its design as well as the specs that it would come with – one of which is in fact support for 5G via the aid of a Snapdragon X55 modem. And now though, new info has made way which claims that the device won’t exactly feature with a modem.

In accordance with what Roland Quandt has to say, the Qualcomm handheld console will not feature with a 4G or 5G modem as it goes on to use the APQ8350 (Application processor) chipset and not the Snapdragon 888 Mobile platform.

The APQ8350 should of course make way with rather similar architecture when compared with the SM8350 save for a modem, however, it will feature with WiFi modem nonetheless for the sake of connectivity.

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For now though, we do not actually know whether this has always been the case right from the onset or whether Qualcomm has changed its mind and then not decided to include a modem. There also exists the possibility that the chip manufacturer might be testing two versions of such devices which of course refers to the fact that the earlier report may not in fact be incorrect however, another version of the same device with a modem.

While of course having a modem will indeed be a good thing, we can’t really rule out that mobile connection will surely have a rather significant effect on battery life. Both the Nintendo Switch as well as the Nintendo Switch Lite connect via the aid of WiFi and also manage to have a battery life between that of 4.5 hours to 9 hours as well as 3 hours to 7 hours respectively – all dependent on the usage. And so if Qualcomm is focusing on its device having a longer battery life, then it is therefore understandable as to why it is not putting a modem in the device.


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