Courtesy of the availability of the 5G-ready flagship to mid-range chipsets, a large number of OEMs have gone on to launch 5G enabled smartphones in various different price segments. While this list includes the likes of MediaTek, for now, there is no sight of Qualcomm. Indeed while the tech giant does have high-end 5G enabled chipsets at its disposal, it does not in fact have one for cheaper 5G enabled smartphones. Now though, in the latest turn of events, it was revealed by the company that it will soon launch the 5G enabled Snapdragon 4-series chipset in early next year so as to power the low-priced 5G enabled smartphones.

Qualcomm did not actually reveal the name of the chipset however did reveal that the 4-series 5G SoC will indeed make its way into the market in Q1 2021. Motorola, along with Oppo and Xiaomi will be amongst the very first brands to launch the low-priced 5G phones that will be powered by the said chipset.

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As of now, Qualcomm has 5G enabled chipsets ranging from the likes of the Snapdragon 865, to the likes of the Snapdragon 865 Plus, and the Snapdragon 855 so as to power its flagship phones. The Snapdragon 768G, 765G and 765 are in fact designed so as to support and power premium mid-range 5G phones. A couple of months ago back in June, Qualcomm went on to launch the Snapdragon 690 5G for mid-range devices, however, a phone with this particular chipset is yet to make its way into the market.

The speculation that actually surrounds the Snapdragon 4-series chipsets for now suggests that it will only actually work with sub-6Ghz networks. In more simpler terms : it may not actually go on to support high-speed mmWave networks.


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