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Queen’s wedding ring contains a secret inscription inside of it

The famous Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth’s wedding ring contains an inscription which is known to only three people, according to royal biographer Ingrid Seward. 

In the book which is titled “Prince Philip: A Portrait of the Duke of Edinburgh”, she wrote that the longest serving British monarch “never” takes off her wedding ring which is made of Welsh gold provided by people of Wales as gesture of goodwill and alliance. The ring is said to one of the most prized possessions of the Queen, so much so that she does not take it off, not even for a second. 

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“She never takes it off and inside the ring is an inscription. No one knows what it says, other than the engraver, the Queen and her husband,” Ingrid wrote. She said that since the Queen Mother’s wedding in 1923, the royal family has been using Welsh gold for their wedding bonds and hence have given it a lot of pride and honor. 

“Recent royal brides Princess Eugenie, and Meghan Markle both followed the nearly 100-year tradition, as did Kate Middleton when she married Prince William in 2011″. The Royal family are known for their Royal etiquette and possessions and it goes to show the extravagant nature of Monarchy wherein, even in modern time and day we see glimpses of the past, the past which had monarchy as the main political influencers in a country’s framework. 


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