There has recently been a series of Anti-Chinese racist posters which have been found on two university campuses present in Melbourne, and these have not only been condemned by student groups, but also the wider international education industry.

The posters were found at the University of Melbourne, and the Monash University and were endorsed by Australian National Union of Students, and other groups of students. These posters had crude Chinese written on them and claimed that Chinese students will not be allowed within certain university buildings, and if that were not to be the case, they would be deported.

Many groups of students at both universities denied that they were responsible for such posters, and stated that not only the university but they themselves also condemn such racists acts.

A spokesperson at the University of Melbourne stated: “All students should be reassured that the University of Melbourne is committed to ensuring the safety of this community. We have various measures in place that support our commitment to a diverse and vibrant student body.”

The spokesperson also said that the posters had quickly been condemned by not only the wider student body but also by the faculty in the events taking place on social media.

Study Melbourne, which is responsible for the management of destination marketing of the whole of Victoria updated its marketing campaign based on inclusivity, stated that it wanted to make sure that students all over the world continue to feel welcome in Melbourne.

“Study Melbourne has always been proud to promote Victoria as a destination that people from any background, race, faith or gender can come and be welcomed with open arms,” stated a study Melbourne spokesperson.


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