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Raisi phrases Iranian woman’s death as ‘tragic’ however, she finds ‘chaos’ to be unacceptable

Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi said on Wednesday that the murder of a woman who was being held in a detention facility has “saddened” everyone in the Islamic Republic, but warned that “chaos” would not be accepted in the wake of violent protests over Mahsa Amini’s demise.

Amini’s death a couple of weeks ago has led to protests against the government in Iran and protesters are often demanding ending the Islamic clergy’s more than four decades of control.

“We all are saddened by this tragic incident … (However) Chaos is unacceptable,” Raisi stated in an interview on the state TV and protests continued across the country.

“The government’s red line is our people’s security … One cannot allow people to disturb the peace of society through riots.” He also supported security forces who have fought protesters in the last two weeks across Iran.

Despite an increasing death toll and a brutal police crackdown using tear gasand clubs and sometimes live ammunition, videos on social media show Iranians continuing to protest with chants of “Death to the dictator”.

However, the possibility of a fall of Islamic Republic seems remote in the near future, as the leaders of the country want to avoid showing the same weakness that they believe has sealed that fate for the American-backed Shah during 1979. an senior Iranian official said to Reuters.

The protests of anger have swept over 80 cities across the nation following the sept. 13 murder of the 22 year old Amini after she was detained due to “unsuitable attire” by the morality police that enforce the strict Islamic Republic’s dress code of conduct.

Amini is located in the northern Kurdish town of Saqez was pronounced dead in a hospital after being in a coma for a while, leading to the first major display of protests on the streets of Iran after the authorities repressed protests against an increase in the price of gasoline in the year 2019.

Raisi who had initiated an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Amini’s murder, said “forensics will present report on her death in the coming days”.

While the Supreme Chief Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is yet to speak out on these protests watchdog organization called on justice “to deal decisively with the main perpetrators and those responsible for killing and injuring innocent people and security forces.”

Khamenei chooses six senior clerics to the 12-member body known by the name of Guardian Council.

The support is growing

The state media reported that 41 people who were part of the police as well as a militia that is pro-government as well as a pro-government militia, have been killed in the protests. Iranian human rights organizations have reported an increase in the number of deaths.

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Raisi supported the security forces of Iran, saying “they sacrifice their lives to secure the country”.

Dozens of Iranian famous people including soccer players, artists and musicians both inside and outside of the country have joined the protests. The judiciary of Iran’s hardline has said it would bring charges against the protesters, as reported by the state media.

“Whoever participated and ignited the chaos and riots will be held to account,” warned Raisi in a statement, adding the fact that “no one should be afraid to express their views”.

The elite Iranian Revolutionary Guards said on Wednesday they fired drones and missiles on militants in the Kurdish region in northern Iraq in which an official said that nine victims were killed.

Iranian authorities have been accused of authorities in Iran of accusing armed Iranian Kurdish rebels sparking the violence, especially in the northwest, which is home to the majority of Iran’s 10-million Kurds.

Washington has condemned the incident Washington condemned the attack, describing it as “an unjustified violation of Iraqi sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

The early morning of Wednesday an online video showed protesters in Tehran shouting “Mullahs get lost!” “Death to the dictator!” as well as “Death to the leader (Khamenei) because of all these years of crime!”

Reuters could not confirm whether videos are authentic posted on social media.

Rights organizations have reported the detention of hundreds of individuals including human rights defenders attorneys as well as civil society activists. at least 18 journalists.

The death of Amini has prompted worldwide condemnation. Iran claims to be responsible for the death of Kurdish dissidents for the uproar and also the so-called “thugs” linked to “foreign enemies.”

Tehran has been accused by of the United States and some European countries of using the turmoil in order to weaken Iran. Islamic Republic.


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