Raw agent leaked video

Raw agent leaked video
Raw agent leaked video

In a recent leaked video about a Raw agent, it can be seen that a man who claims that to be a former Raw agent saying that he and his team members were constantly on the receiving end of taunts by their seniors as to all the stories that may or may not be coming out of Pakistan and all the lack of work that these agents were supposedly doing.

In the video, it can be seen that the man explained the devious plan that was formulated so as to confuse and motivate misled Muslims into murder. The former agent explained that there was the creation of a poster and this poster had language which could be read by most Muslims. This particular poster actually proceeded on to explain to misled and gullible Muslims that killing the non-believers in the month of Ramadan would earn them a ticket straight to heaven.

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What followed was a horrendous result in the Indian town in which these posters were put in place in. This led to mass confusion as people started to murder one another and there was the growing feeling developing in most people in the particular town that if they don’t kill, then they would get killed.

The man furthermore stated that the image that the RSS maintains of the Muslims was not at all the way it actually is. Indeed he said that one day, while returning to home, he found that his mother hadn’t cooked any food. On inquiry, the mother, who was also in a state of mourning at the time, said that their cow caretaker had been killed. The man said that it was then he found out that the caretaker was actually a Muslim and this shocked him because the caretaker always had great love for the cows. He further said that he was possessed with great guilt after he had found out that the caretaker was killed just because he was Muslim and was innocent. And so conclusively, he maintains the fact that the image the RSS has of Muslims and what it has promoted is all false.


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